As Your First Impression Authority, I’ll help you build a team of people who understand how to bring their “A” game every single day, feel confident in any professional setting, and make your business look like a rockstar.

10 Secrets to Winning Over Clients, Prospective Employers - And Just About Everyone Else


Teach your team, students, or members to make a memorable first impression that guarantees a second meeting, interview, or callback.

The truth is, in business and in life, some rules are meant to be broken. But the rules of common courtesy, professional appearance, and genuinely caring about other humans aren’t ones you want to compromise. 

And yet, as we go through life and learn the business skills necessary for our career, there’s no college course designed to show us how to make a great first impression, understanding the dos and don’ts of networking, and why it’s so important to dress for success. These soft skills are the most essential asset you can own as every employer wants them, but not one university teaches soft skills such as how to dine and dress using business etiquette.

According to the business experts at Harvard and Stanford,85% of our success on the job is based on social and people skills. Only 15% comes from technical skills and knowledge.*

*Harvard University, the Carnegie Foundation, and Stanford Research





Why invest your time in learning business etiquette? When you know business etiquette, you won’t make a faux pas when you’re networking, which will leave the wrong impression on your networking guest. Understanding and utilizing business etiquette will provide you with an excellent first impression that relays to the businessperson you’re working with and let them know that you have what it takes to handle their business in a quality, professional manner.

What is Business Etiquette? 

It’s not (just) about using the right fork.

You can hire the best, the brightest, and the most eager candidates to fill the position. You can train them until they know your mission, product, and services by heart and can recite the perfect pitch in their sleep. However, if they…

☒  Show up late to an important meeting
Wear a wrinkled shirt that’s two sizes too big
Copy a client on an email not meant for their eyes
Answer their phone during a business networking lunch
Never follow up after the meeting —
or worse, their follow-up is canned and generic
Display unhardy and cave-man-like table manners

Then you won’t have a second meeting with the potential client you took out to lunch or dinner.

Because when it comes to making a great first impression, feeling confident in any professional setting, and building genuine business relationships, the difference between those who create lifetime clients and those who get sent straight to voicemail is an essential set of soft skills they don’t teach in most universities and business schools.

What is Business Etiquette Training?

Virtual handshake (firm, but not crushing; three pumps max)

Hi, I’m Mary. Your Protocol Partner

  • Manners Master
  • Conduct coordinator
  • Courtesy coach
  • Soft skills superhero

Are you ready to level up your game to become a C-employee? Looking to increase the quality of jobs that your university graduating students can achieve? Would you like your organization to not only reach - but exceed - your yearly revenue goals?

Then you’re in the right place!

I’m here to partner with businesses, universities, and organizations to teach rising stars the social skills they need to stand out and build lasting relationships in today’s digital world.

When you want to get ahead, you’ll need to know the essentials around making an excellent first impression, selling and delivering exceptional customer service, and achieving exemplary dining practices while entertaining (and impressing your clients).

I also work one-on-one with ambitious professionals who want to “unleash” their true career potential and break through their glass ceiling to be their best in business and their personal lives by building their soft skills and using proper etiquette.

From the cutthroat political scene of Washington, D.C., to the penthouse boardrooms of corporate America, learning soft skills is a surefire way to get ahead in your career! No matter what industry or niche you’re in, business etiquette skills are vital for your success.

I’ve made it my mission to bring leveled-up business training to career-oriented and ambitious individuals to break through their personal glass ceiling and achieve their biggest goals!



Personal Business Etiquette Training & Coaching

Whether you’re a new or experienced entrepreneur, a woman in a predominantly male office, or an ambitious employee ready to rise up through the ranks quickly, I can get you to your end goal!



Business Etiquette Group Training

Through customized small-group training, I’ll give your organization’s rising stars the soft skills and confidence to exude professionalism and build instant rapport with team members and clients.



Engagements & Public Speaking

If you’re looking for a speaker who will inform and inspire with engaging content, incorporate humor and true stories, and will laugh and cry with your audience, then let’s talk!



Refresh Your Social Skills

My customized half-day sessions cover seemingly simple yet commonly overlooked aspects of company culture, networking, communication skills, confidence, and team building.



Student Mentorship Soft Skill Programs

Partner with me to mentor your undergraduates, graduates, and students in corporate and entrepreneur training programs on Perfecting Your Executive Presence, Job Interview Confidence, Network With Confidence, and Email and Social Media Etiquette.