Soft Skills

The Power of NO and the 4 Reasons you Shouldn’t Say Yes

I spent one evening last week with a group of dynamic, smart businesswomen, all entrepreneurs.  I cannot stop reflecting on one of their questions, “What is the best way to say no in business?” Fact.  As of this morning, there were eight billion Google searches for – “How to say No in Business” The struggle…

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What do thank you notes, self-doubt, confidence building, the Buccaneers and doing business on the golf course have in common?

These are all questions and conversations stimulated from my most recent work with the students in the Ilitch School of Business at Wayne State University in Detroit.  I know you have heard me say this many times before and it’s worth repeating.  The work I do with the students in the Corporate Mentorship Program led…

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Why Coaching?


Why Coaching? To explain the why, we will need to talk about the what.  What is coaching?  Executive coaching is a method to gain self-awareness and clarity by tapping into potential.   By tapping into your unique potential, you can develop, grow, optimize and reach your full potential.  Coaching is a partnership. What does the coach…

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Tried & True Conversation Starters

Let’s be honest, most people do not enjoy networking, especially if you are an introvert, although we agree it’s a necessary activity in business.  One way to ensure it’s almost pain-free (and a lot more interesting and enjoyable) is to engage in a sincere conversation when you meet someone with a goal to discover a…

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