Seven Ways to Make a Good Impression on Zoom

Happy New Year!   I hope your New Year has gotten off to a good start. Even with the pandemic, we need to find parts of our daily life and routine to be thankful for and keep a positive mindset in this ever-changing world.   Part of our changing world the past year has been…

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What You Need to Know About Virtual Etiquette

Virtual Etiquette and How to Make a Positive Impression on Zoom

You all know how excited I get when someone is interested in this relevant and important topic! Gian Marco of Hawk Talk, the Hillsborough College’s Film and Media Major, asked many great questions. He was well prepared for the interview. All great ways to make a powerful first impression. The topic was about Virtual Etiquette,…

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How Your Body Language Speaks to Me

zoom etiquette

Have you recently had a job interview on Zoom? Recently pitched a big idea to a large group? Are you looking to relay critical information to your boss and your bosses’ boss during a Zoom team meeting? Or are you simply interested in leveling up for your new normal to be most successful on Zoom?…

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