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Mary is a business etiquette and protocol expert for executives and rising stars who want to unleash their best self and achieve their goals. A veteran of the C-Suite, Mary is a passionate advocate for utilizing the best skills in business etiquette and protocol to ensure meaningful actions for success in business and life. After more than a dozen years in her role as chief of staff, Mary launched her own dream business, Mary Williams, Your First Impression Authority. As a graduate of The American School of Protocol and a certified Business Coach, in addition to working at the highest levels of national and international organizations, Mary understands both the demands and the complexities of maneuvering effectively through business and life.

She is a regular presenter at university business schools, nonprofit organizations, trade association conferences, as well as corporate events. Her mission is to share all she has learned along the way, and in doing so provide effective business coaching to ultimately help people reach their true potential, utilizing distinct techniques and simple steps that guarantee success.

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Mary is an extraordinary individual, committed, positive and passionate. She is without question one of the most effective and caring relationship management professionals I have ever met. I trust Mary implicitly and it's a joy and an honor to work side by side with her each day!

Albert M. Berriz

Mary's passion for professional development and relationship management are unparalleled to anyone I know. Her strong work ethic paired with her dynamic personality make business development seem effortless. Through her open and honest mentorship style, I am fortunate to regularly gain business perspectives and leadership coaching. Her professionalism and dedication to success are both attributes I deeply respect and admire.

Erin Foley

Mary exemplifies the very best in leadership. As a seasoned senior executive, she has successfully crossed over from the nonprofit arena to one of the most demanding industries within the corporate sector. Known for taking individuals and organizations to performance excellence, Mary is an exciting, relationship-building and results-oriented leader. Her passionate desire to empower others also makes her an amazing mentor and coach.

Donna Duvin

Mary Williams is an exceptional relationship manager, with an eye for detail and design. She possesses communication and relationship building skills that create value on behalf of McKinley and cultivate deep and meaningful connections to grow our business and brand. She has the gift of keen observation, and highlights details that drive exceptional outcomes. She is a thoughtful colleague and partner, and is a world-class mentor for our sales leaders throughout the organization.

I, personally, have learned a great deal from Mary, and strive to her example of protocol, personalized communication and relationship management. Mary is truly a unique and wonderful professional.

Erin Foley

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