Clients know me as “Your First Impression Authority” or (FIA)


Soft skills that are essential for networking and building relationships can get lost in today’s digital world. If you’re an ambitious woman or man and you’d like to develop the executive presence and mindset you need to reach your goals, then I’m your gal.

The secret to my success wasn’t understanding the numbers inside out or analyzing data, although these are essential work skills that you need to perform basic job duties.

My career spanning over 20 years has seen great success because of the relationships I’ve built. How did I build these amazing relationships? Through consistent follow up and follow through and keeping in touch with people throughout my career. My actions have resulted in a “social mountain” which has brought great success in building my business and in the corporate environment.

What is a C-Level Executive?

Getting to be a C-Level Executive wasn’t an easy path! Since I wanted to be C-Level, I knew I had to be my best. Therefore, I was dressing like an executive before I was one, sending handwritten thank-you notes, remembering personal details, and yes, knowing my way around the most business formal fork-heavy table settings.

Even before I decided to attend The American School of Protocol or become a certified Business Coach, I understood the importance of dressing impeccably, reading people, and going above and beyond to follow up and make the person on the other side of the table, phone or email feel respected and appreciated — especially as a female executive in a male-dominated corporate environment.

From my first job in healthcare starting as a nurse and working my way to hospital administration, I had quite a journey! My next step was a career change to real estate. In the years I’ve spent as chief of staff, I’ve witnessed faux pas you wouldn’t believe from some of the smartest, most perfect-on-paper executives you’ll ever meet. However, little mistakes go a long way towards first impressions. I’ve seen these seemingly minute mistakes cost millions in lost sales and create career roadblocks for those who wanted more out of their lives.

That’s why my mission and goal is to bring you the soft skills business training to professionals who are eager to reach their full potential and achieve their best daily!


Entrepreneurs, ambitious business women, and men looking for C-level careers can learn to project confidence and professionalism daily in life and work. Get your game on to learn how to manage your sales teams and learn more about proper client entertaining and dining protocol. Be able to feel confident at business meals and gatherings.

Business leaders in real estate, finance, hospitality, high-level sales, nonprofit fundraising, and health care can learn how to teach sales and customer-service teams high-touch relationship strategies to create lifetime relationships with clients. Know how to groom top talent with an executive presence to lead when representing the company. Showing teams the art of email and social media etiquette for communication to stay appropriate and professional. Understand how to handle sensitive conversations in the workplace - from approaching employees with bad hygiene - to creating a culturally sensitive work environment.

University deans team up with me to actively and purposefully engage their team with social and people skills. Learn how to educate students on professional email and social-media etiquette to make a good first impression from day one. Coaching soon-to-be grads on interview preparation to be confident in job interviews. Leading workshops on dining etiquette and professional presentation for impactful business meals. Sharing tips on networking confidently while utilizing appropriate business attire within their personal brand and style.

Ready to build the most impressive team in the business?

I invite you to explore the different workshops, consulting, and speaking opportunities I offer.


It’s true I’m a stickler for proper etiquette and always being “camera ready.” But beyond my Royal Family–worthy table manners, I’m also a busy mom with a serious shopping habit and an appreciation for good red wine.

Here are 9 more facts about me …

  1. I have twin daughters.
  2. Born and raised Midwest Michigan
  3. I have a fur baby Logan
  4. I could spend hours (HOURS) treasure hunting at estate sales and estate auctions.
  5. I started my career as a nurse. I quickly realized it wasn’t for me and worked my way into hospital administration.
  6. The most memorable moment in my career was the day I asked a big-time American Red Cross donor why she kept writing us checks. Her answer: “Because you write me thank-you cards.”
  7. You might find me binge-reading any non-fiction title around biographies and business books
  8. I love french fries and throw proper etiquette out the window when I eat them. Most people don’t know that in a fine dining restaurant, it’s actually proper to eat fries with your fork (I know, I know).
  9. I believe it’s never too late to pursue your dreams, and you’re never too “ordinary” to be the best. I went from small-town Midwest girl to the C-Suite, and now, in my third act, I’m a proud business owner dedicated to helping others reach their full potential.