Virtual Etiquette and How to Make a Positive Impression on Zoom

Virtual Etiquette and How to Make a Positive Impression on Zoom

Virtual Etiquette and How to Make a Positive Impression on Zoom

What a privilege it was to be interviewed recently by Gian Marco Cortez, a student at Hillsborough College in the Film and Media Department. The interview was shared on the college’s station, Hawk Talk.

The topic was all about Virtual Etiquette and How to Make a Positive Impression on Zoom and all the other video conferencing tools.

You all know how excited I get when someone is interested in this relevant and important topic! Gian Marco asked many great questions. He was well prepared for the interview. All great ways to make a powerful first impression.

One thing that makes sharing knowledge with college students and young professionals so rewarding and meaningful for me is they have a genuine and sincere interest in learning about business etiquette and first impressions to help make them more successful as they prepare to graduate, secure their first internship, land their first job, or achieve their first promotion. They truly care about their success and learning how to stand out in a positive way to pave the way for a rewarding future.

Here is a snapshot of the dialogue from the interview.

Q: Why is etiquette so important?

A: Etiquette is important because it demonstrates respect. Respect for oneself and respect for others. The bottom line is etiquette impacts our ability to create an atmosphere that is productive and gives us confidence and improves our social skills and people skills. We can all benefit from this practice, no matter what stage we find ourselves in our career or life.

Q: What are the most important things to do or remember on a Zoom or virtual call?

A: Make a powerful first impression! In person, someone decides whether they like you or not in seven seconds. New data suggests this happens even quicker on virtual meetings and videos. Since first impressions are so immediate, focusing on how to make a positive one is more important than ever. 60% is based on appearance, 30% on body language, and 10% on what you say. Since so many of us are now working from home, we have the added pressure to ensure our surroundings, our offices, desks and/or dining room tables reflect a positive image as they are now part of our first impressions. We are finding in our work with students and clients, this has created an additional level of pressure and stress. The struggle with Zoom meetings is real and so relatable right now.

Q: How do these skills help me in the classroom and at work?

A: I promise you with absolute certainty if you focus on making a positive first impression and developing your people and social skills you will experience greater rewards in all that you do. You will make more money; you will get that promotion or land your first job. Let me be the example. I did not have the most education, an MBA, as most of my business colleagues did. I credit my success to making a positive first impression and honing my people and soft skills. According to studies, 85% of your success on the job is your people and social skills. Not your technical skills and knowledge. The achievements I continue to enjoy reflects this exactly as the Harvard and Stanford study demonstrates. It’s all about developing confidence, professionalism and improving your ability to communicate.

I’m so thankful to Gian Marco for raising awareness and for his interest in this topic. Virtual Etiquette is a topic that is near and dear to my heart, and one I talk about in The Power of First Impressions Course, too.

What questions do you have about Virtual Etiquette?

Post them as a comment below – I’ll be sure to answer them in a future blog post!

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