Why Coaching?


Why Coaching?

Why Coaching? To explain the why, we will need to talk about the what.  What is coaching?  Executive coaching is a method to gain self-awareness and clarity by tapping into potential.   By tapping into your unique potential, you can develop, grow, optimize and reach your full potential.  Coaching is a partnership.

What does the coach do?  We act as sounding boards.  We listen.  We ask questions.  The most important thing to know is the client has the answers.   Sometimes clients have sabotaging voices in their heads.  Sometimes they don’t believe they know the answers.  However, when they look inside with the help of a coach, they will find that they do know themselves, their strengths and their limitations, and they do have the answers.  Through the coaching process, the client’s thoughts, fears, and possibilities emerge.  The client begins to see himself or herself differently.  The coach’s job is to ask the right questions.  Clients are more likely to act when they find the answer themselves.

Coaching is an alliance.  A partnership.  An investment.  Within the coaching relationship, several requirements are necessary.  First and foremost, confidentiality.  This is the bedrock of the relationship.  Clients discuss what is important to them.  The range of topics is varied.  Clients need assurance that what they share will remain within the coaching relationship.  This agreement is explicit.  Non-judgement and confidentiality are key to building trust.  Trust is created with many things throughout the relationship, like the coach calling on time, and following up on promises.  The coach also holds the client responsible for living up to what they say they will do.  The coach believes in the client, which is empowering.

The coaching relationship is open to change, and it allows for space for this change to occur.  Coaches don’t care what road the client takes to get where they wish to go, coaches care about the client’s wellness and growth.  Coaching allows the client to dream and dream big.

The magic happens when the coach and the client grant the power to the relationship when the tools are in place, when the gremlin’s voices are quieted and the responses, actions, and results take hold, and the client becomes who they need to become to achieve their biggest and wildest dreams.

So why coaching?
To move forward. 
To generate action. 
To optimize. 
To deepen the learning. 
To raise emotional intelligence. 
To increase self-awareness. 
To create your future self, achieve what you want and live your purpose.

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Mary Williams

Mary is a business etiquette and protocol expert for executives and rising stars who want to unleash their best self and achieve their goals. A veteran of the C-Suite, Mary is a passionate advocate for utilizing the best skills in business etiquette and protocol to ensure meaningful actions for success in business and life. After more than a dozen years in her role as chief of staff, Mary launched her own dream business, Mary Williams, Your First Impression Authority. As a graduate of The American School of Protocol and a certified Business Coach, in addition to working at the highest levels of national and international organizations, Mary understands both the demands and the complexities of maneuvering effectively through business and life.   She is a regular presenter at university business schools, nonprofit organizations, trade association conferences, as well as corporate events. Her mission is to share all she has learned along the way, and in doing so provide effective business coaching to ultimately help people reach their true potential, utilizing distinct techniques and simple steps that guarantee success.

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