How I am Surviving Safer at Home


How I am Surviving Safer at Home

Our lives have been turned upside down.  Everything has changed.  Who could have expected it to happen so fast?  You can call me naïve, you can say that I had my head in the sand, however, to imagine a day when basically everything either stopped or radically changed, I was unprepared.  During the first week of March, I was hard charging ahead, writing presentations, helping students and clients, and thinking about what I would wear for my upcoming work in California.  This was my focus just four weeks ago.   Today, we are pivoting, struggling, questioning, answering, teaching, cooking, staying in, Zooming and trying hard to adjust to the new normal.  I read today that wine consumption is up 66% and the most frequently asked question is just exactly how long is all of this going to last?

In the interest of full transparency, I have been working and learning, mentally preparing and mostly talking and talking (open and honest) about getting my content online in a course format for at least the last year.  Because of my perfectionism, (btw, in reality there is no such thing) I have signed up for numerous workshops on everything from how to create and develop video content, how to expand email lists, and how to become a better content writer.  I attended a Warrior Woman workshop to conquer fear.  (it was amazing) I even attended a very inspirational and highly energetic three-day conference for entrepreneurs focused on everything from mindset to marketing, leadership to building a successful business.  All the courses and workshops were informative and inspiring.  I learned from each one.  You have probably already figured out what the actual issue is.  Truth be told, it’s fear that has been holding me back.  Compounded by my desire to be perfect, and topped off by the voice in my head, my self-critic.  (more on all this another day)

When normal life stopped a few weeks ago, and with so much more quiet time to reflect, it became very clear that excuses will not work anymore.  Self-doubt and fear are not helpful and digital content cannot be magically produced.  The time is now and the need is real to simply get started.  I have had to work hard to shift my mindset and now regardless of the challenging times, worry and uncertainty I am simply going to have to put my big girl pants on and do this.  If not now, when?

Since March 9th, I have been fully committed to creating online content, that I truly believe is going to be life changing for me and more importantly, add more value for my students and clients.  You will be seeing me on video, and we will pop open a bottle of champagne together, even if we must celebrate virtually.  Heck, we might not even wait until then, we may celebrate a 15-second video sooner rather than later.  My fear of the camera is going, going, and almost gone!  I will appear before you (on camera) soon.  And since I am declaring this to the world, there’s no turning back now!

To my social media and marketing wing woman, Bree you heard it here first.  You deserve to hear it first, as you have been pushing and coaching and trying to get me to do this for a while.  It’s happening! And as always, thank you for your unwavering support.

I promise all of you this, we will have fun together!  It may not be perfect, however, I commit to you that I will answer your questions, take your feedback, and provide you with the kind of information you need to feel empowered with new confidence in the new normal of your business and life.  Thank you for your love and support and for washing your hands and staying home. This quarantine shall not be in vain.

Stay safe.  xo, Mary

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Mary Williams

Mary is a business etiquette and protocol expert for executives and rising stars who want to unleash their best self and achieve their goals. A veteran of the C-Suite, Mary is a passionate advocate for utilizing the best skills in business etiquette and protocol to ensure meaningful actions for success in business and life. After more than a dozen years in her role as chief of staff, Mary launched her own dream business, Mary Williams, Your First Impression Authority. As a graduate of The American School of Protocol and a certified Business Coach, in addition to working at the highest levels of national and international organizations, Mary understands both the demands and the complexities of maneuvering effectively through business and life.   She is a regular presenter at university business schools, nonprofit organizations, trade association conferences, as well as corporate events. Her mission is to share all she has learned along the way, and in doing so provide effective business coaching to ultimately help people reach their true potential, utilizing distinct techniques and simple steps that guarantee success.

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