The Rewards of Clarity


The Rewards of Clarity

Clarity allows us the freedom to design better possibilities.  Clarity allows for a clear path to action that will get us where we want and need to go.  For me, the importance of clarity can not be overrated.

I love what James Clear says in his New York Times best-selling book, Atomic Habits: “Many people think they lack motivation but what they really lack is clarity.”

This really resonates with me, especially as an entrepreneur and executive coach.  Clarity provides freedom from ambiguity.  It’s true.  Vague plans exist as half-hearted commitments.  As the old saying goes, we need to say what we mean and mean what we say.

How do we achieve more clarity?  For me, it’s quiet time alone, journaling and meditating each day.  It’s making lists of what I want to accomplish on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis.  It’s checking things off with a highlighter once the item or goal is completed.  And yes, I am not going to lie.  I get a good feeling when I pull out that highlighter and cross something off the list.  Consistently doing these things as part of my daily routine helps me to be more effective in achieving my goals.

Only you can get clear with yourself.  A coach or mentor can help by listening and asking the right questions, however in the end, it’s you.  To gain clarity, my best advice is to journal every morning before you start your day.  Some people journal on their laptop or mobile device, I prefer to write it all out in long hand.  Whatever is most comfortable for you is what you should do.  And I don’t think about what I want to say when journaling, I literally write whatever comes into my mind.  This gets everything out of my head and down on paper.  I find it really helps me get clear on small goals, daily actions as well as longer-term goals and aspirations.  It also helps me to better understand what’s on my mind, sometimes at a deeper level, which may be slowing me down in other areas of my life.  It provides clarity.

And yes, I make lists.  Lists about what I am grateful for and lists about what I want to accomplish today.  And lists for the future.  Some people are natural list makers.  My daughters started making lists when they were young.  I was always impressed by this.  How did they know at such a young age, (they were only in grade school), that making a list would better help them accomplish their goals?  I must confess; they didn’t learn this from me.  I was not a natural list maker.  However, when I had so much on my plate, and so much to remember, and so much to prioritize, I needed to feel less overwhelmed.  My list-making journey started out of desperation and it worked.  How did my list-making truly become a habit?  When I felt tremendous satisfaction out of taking that highlighter and crossing off something once I accomplished it!  And miracles do happen!  I felt less stressed.  The overwhelm dissipated.  And yes, I have been hooked on list-making ever since.

And clarity isn’t just about you.  When you are clear, people will understand you more completely.  When we aren’t clear, we send mixed messages.  We may be misunderstood.  Clarity allows passion and purpose to align.  Clarity allows us to overcome big obstacles.  Great things can be accomplished when we have clarity and can effectively communicate what we need and want to say.  When I am not achieving a result that I intended, I ask myself, am I being clear?  Reflection is a big part of clarity too.  How can I be more successful in communicating what I am endeavoring to accomplish?

In 2020 and always, give yourself freedom from ambiguity.  Clarify your intentions.  Write them down. Clearly communicate them.  When you have clarity, people will hear you.  They will understand you.  What you intend to accomplish will be clearly defined.  The personal satisfaction and numerous rewards will create more success for you in business and in life.

When we have clarity of intention, the universe conspires with us to make it happen and leads us where we want to go.  – Fabienne Frederick

Go for it! And as always, I would love to hear from you.  How has gaining clarity contributed to your success?

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