Why Soft Skills Equate to Business Success

Have you recently read an employment ad stating, “We are looking for a team player with excellent organization, time management, and dependability. We are willing to teach the skills necessary to perform the job tasks.”?

Those employers understand that it’s very hard to teach someone the necessary soft skills to play nice in the sandbox with others, be a welcoming and warm part of your team, and know how and where to find all the files on their computer. Teaching the hard skills is easy - learning soft skills takes time, effort, and habit-building.

Are you ready to teach your team essential soft skills they didn’t learn in business school?

Problem solving, dependability, organization, and interpersonal skills are only half of the soft skills you’ll want to master to be your best in your career. 

In the world of high sales goals, competition for top clients, and hitting multimillion-dollar fundraising goals, business etiquette isn’t only a nice-to-have set of “soft” skills. These are an essential anthology that show your expertise, capability, and business prowess that is vital for business success, no matter what niche you are climbing on the ladder of success!

From taking pride in your professional appearance to crafting a professional and memorable follow-up, every interaction and touchpoint is an opportunity to make an impression and go above and beyond the average candidate who is jockeying for the ideal position you want to land!


Personal Business Etiquette Training and Coaching

Whether you’re a new or experienced entrepreneur, a woman in a predominantly male office, or an ambitious employee ready to rise up through the ranks quickly, I can get you to your end goal!

Through a series of one-on-one sessions designed to take you to the next level of prosperity, we’ll assess everything from your wardrobe and meeting etiquette to leading business conversations over dinner.

I’m ready to offer you a pass to prosperity - are you ready to get on the train and go along for the ride?


Business Etiquette Group Training

Through customized small-group training, I’ll give your organization's rising stars the soft skills and confidence to exude professionalism and build instant rapport with team members and clients.

Call me today to find out more about my intensive session topics, which can be customized to your company culture goals and employee greatest soft skill needs:

Modern Business Etiquette: A Professional’s Code
Dining + Networking Etiquette
The Power of First Impressions: Corporate Dress for Men & Women

Modern Business Etiquette in a Digital World – How to Use and What Not to Do on Social Media, Texting, and Email

Through a series of customized intensive sessions, I’ll teach your top talent how to:

  • Look sharp, even on casual Fridays
  • Lead meetings with confidence
  • Feel confident entertaining clients in a variety of settings
  • Create high-touch relationships by employing small details to make a big impression 
  • Tactfully handle sensitive issues such as workplace hygiene, proper food etiquette in the office, and how to write a friendly and professional email correspondence to build and maintain those vital business relationships.

Student Mentorship Soft Skill Programs

Let’s teach your students the social soft skills they don’t learn studying in university. Partner with to mentor your undergraduates, graduates, and students in corporate and entrepreneur training programs on one or more of the following topics:

Perfecting Your Executive Presence
Job Interview Confidence
Network With Confidence
Email and Social Media Etiquette


Refresh Your Social Skills 

Refresh Your Social Skills 

Being stuck inside our homes hasn’t been good for the human psyche - our brains need human contact and constant reinforcement of our social skills to keep our soft skills polished. Unfortunately, the past two years have seen a decline in social skills, and many of us need a refresher on interacting with others because of the stress and strain of social distancing.

My customized half-day sessions cover seemingly simple yet commonly overlooked aspects of company culture, networking, communication skills, confidence, and team building. In addition, customer engagement, self-promotion, executive presence, and personal social skills are covered in this half-day presentation workshop.


Engagements & Public Speaking

If you’re looking for a speaker who will inform and inspire with engaging content, incorporate humor and true stories, and will laugh and cry with your audience, then let’s talk!

I’m available for keynotes, speaking engagements, and workshops on any of my current topics. In addition, I can customize my keynote for a specific soft skill workshop or speaking engagement that you would like to educate your audience.

No matter the theme or goal of your upcoming leadership conference, sales summit, or member event, I’ll tailor my story-driven presentations to meet your unique needs.

Have another idea in mind?

I love creating custom programs for businesses, universities, women’s groups, and other professional organizations. To start a conversation, click the button below.