Ready to teach your team the things they didn’t learn in business school?

The word “etiquette” may conjure up images of Julia Roberts learning to master her dinner forks in Pretty Woman.

But in the world of monumental sales goals, competing for top clients, and hitting multimillion-dollar fundraising goals, business etiquette isn’t a nice-to-have set of “soft” skills.

From taking pride in your professional appearance to crafting the perfect, memorable follow-up, every interaction and touchpoint is an opportunity to make an impression and go above and beyond.

There are several ways to work with me:



Whether you’re a new or an experienced entrepreneur, a woman in a predominantly male office, or an ambitious employee ready to rise up through the ranks quickly, I can customize a plan for you. Through a series of one-on-one sessions designed to meet your needs, we’ll assess everything from your wardrobe and meeting etiquette to leading business conversations over dinner.



Through tailored one-on-one or small-group training, I’ll arm your organization's rising stars with the skills and confidence they need to exude professionalism every day, feel confident entertaining clients, and build instant rapport with team members and clients.

Through a series of customized daylong intensives, I’ll teach your top talent how to:

  • Look sharp, even on casual Fridays
  • Lead meetings with confidence
  • Feel confident entertaining clients in any setting
  • Create high-touch relationships by making small details a big deal
  • Tactfully handle sensitive issues
  • And much more


Build a team of polished professionals who understand how to bring their “A” game every single day, create extraordinary client experiences, and make your business look like a rockstar. My customized half- and full-day sessions cover seemingly simple yet commonly overlooked principles. I’ll work with you to customize a training that meets your organization’s needs or choose from a list of popular topics.

Sample Topics:

  • Modern Business Etiquette: A Professional’s Code
  • Dining + Networking Etiquette
  • The Power of First Impressions: Corporate Dress for Men and Women
  • Modern Business Etiquette in a Digital World – The Right (and Wrong) Way to Use Social Media, Texting, and Email


Let’s teach your students the social and people skills they don’t learn in Business 101. I partner with numerous universities to help mentor undergraduates, graduates, and students in corporate and entrepreneur training programs.

Sample topics include:

  • Perfecting Your Executive Presence
  • Nailing the Job Interview
  • Business-Meal Etiquette 101
  • Network With Confidence
  • Email and Social Media Etiquette


After planning hundreds of dinners, galas, and conferences, I know founders and event planners are looking for one essential element: a speaker who will inform and inspire without putting the audience to sleep. My approach to etiquette is anything but stuffy. I incorporate humor and true stories into every presentation or keynote.

Whether you’re looking to …

  • Train a sales team to be more charming than Don Draper
  • Inspire your women’s organization or sorority to own their awesome and project confidence
  • Motivate your fundraising task force to think outside the box
  • Encourage your customer service team to make every customer interaction count
  • Teach your entire team the art of dining etiquette

No matter the theme or goal of your upcoming leadership conference, sales summit, or member event, I’ll tailor my story-driven presentations to meet your unique needs.

Have another idea in mind?

I love creating custom programs for businesses, universities, women’s groups, and other professional organizations. To start a conversation, click the button below.